Going through your local telephone directory

Your local telephone directory (also called phone book) is one-stop source to find local phone numbers of business, government offices, and residential addresses. Although internet makes it easy to get phone information and more for a particular organization or individual, a phone book is still a handy tool that does not require an internet connection to browse. This is what you will find in a phone book:

  • Phone numbers (and addresses) for federal state, and local government (refer to the blue pages of the phone book)
  • Emergency contact information
  • Local maps
  • List of phone numbers of local residential telephone customers (this is in phone book called "white pages")
  • Phone numbers and addresses of local business and organizations
  • Local vendor coupons

If you can’t find a telephone number or you don’t have the book or a computer handy, try the 411 service. With this service you can get a specific number anywhere in the US. However, the use of service may cost you a small fee.

A telephone directory
A telephone directory for the Metropolitan Baltimore (Maryland, United States) area

Depending on where you live the United States, your community may have its own community phone book. Basically, it is a condensed version of a big yellow or white pages book.

Posted on 2/19/2008
by Raj Singh