Getting help from school or public libraries

If you are in school you probably have access to library get information on almost any topic. If you are not school, it does not mean you can not find information on what you are looking for. Public libraries are meant to serve everyone, whether or not you are in school. Also, like school libraries provide most resources free to students so does the public libraries to everyone.

So what can you expect to get from a library?

This depends on the library. Common items you can borrow and browse at libraries include:

  • Books,
  • Newspapers,
  • DVDs,
  • CDs,
  • Videotapes, and
  • Magazines
A university library showing number of aisles
A university library showing number of aisles

In addition, libraries now days also have computers hooked up to the internet. By using the library computers, you can easily browse websites to suit your information thirst. Moreover, computers also have basic programs such Microsoft Word, Excel, and other standard programs to help you do more than just browsing. So if you have a term-paper due or writing a resume, consider typing it at the public library and print it at the public library to make your writing legible.

Beside the material you borrow or use from the library, you can also enjoy free class offerings. The free classes focus on any number of areas including how to use computers or internet, learn a new language, other offerings targeting adults and children.

Also, libraries provide quite environment to study and research. Large libraries, like on colleges or universities campuses, you can find plenty of room space to accommodate many students at once. Universities also even have private rooms for students to study.

Study area in a library
Study area in a library

Borrowing from the library

As you begin to use a library services, you will soon find out you will need a library card. The card is required for you to borrow items from the library. Without it, the library won’t give you what you want to borrow. So when you borrow items, make sure you return them back to the library by the due date. Otherwise, the library can charge you a small fee for late returns.

If you see the need to keep the item longer than the due date, check your due date extension options. In most cases, you can extend the due date by going to your online library account. In other cases, you may have to call or go to the library to extend the due date. If you are planning for an extension, don’t wait until the due date to do so. Otherwise, it would be difficult for you to get an extension as the due date nears.

How and where to get help in library

Although libraries have materials organized, it can be difficult to easily find what you are looking for, especially if you have not used library resources in the past. If you are not sure where to start or have a specific question, go directly to the library reference or information desk. The library staff will listen to you to offer you help. The library staff is trained and knows more about the library resources than the library users so it makes sense to stop by the reference desk when you need help.

A library sign indicating what to expect on 4th floor of the library

A library sign indicating what to expect on the 4th floor of the library

Once you know what you are looking for, you can use the library signage to guide your locate the desired book or other material. For instance, books starting with AX could be on 3rd floor while books starting with ZX could be 7th floor. So being in the right area and right floor is the only sure way to find a particular book or more books for a desired subject.

Posted on 3/18/2008
by Raj Singh